An Xbox console controller.


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This is bad news for game console enthusiasts.

The supply of the Xbox Series X and S will remain tight until at least June.

The announcement was made by Microsoft's head of investor relations in the

New York Times






Since the release of these latest generation consoles, Microsoft has failed to meet demand.

The American giant announced that it had sold all of the consoles it had last quarter, or around three million.

This shortage is explained by a problem of production rate of the AMD chips which equip these consoles but also the Sony PlayStation 5 which encounters the same difficulties.

A shortage due to the pandemic

Despite its efforts and with 28 billion euros planned for 2021, the Taiwanese company TSMC which burns these AMD chips is not able to provide enough to Sony and Microsoft.

This can be explained in particular by the global Covid-19 pandemic, which has considerably slowed down production lines.

The delay accumulated during this period of crisis can only be resolved in several months, in June at the earliest.

At the same time, AMD RX6000 graphics cards and Samsung-engraved GeForce are also experiencing a shortage.

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