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Igor Lorenzo takes to the streets every time a potential client stops by his brand-new shop window.

How are you, ma'am, do you like the store?

He's new to the neighborhood and introduces himself.

They keep coming up curious to contemplate

the tomato business, more tomatoes and (almost) only tomatoes


And, if not, it calls their attention to notice:

- What are you doing looking at your mobile and not my tomatoes?

- What a cool dog, ma'am!

Two customers (and the business owner, left) look at the new window of the tomato shop.

He interrupts anyone with self-confidence, his clients pile up and the interview has to be stopped.


El colmado del tomato


(now at 21 Cea Bermúdez Street) is

tiny and you have to enter in turns.

The new store of the

only tomato temple in the world

, as its owner remembers, maintains an appearance similar to the original one in Malasaña (but without the charm of occupying the old stale premises of a hardware store, with the exterior sign that it always kept intact ), the one that ran from 2018 until mid-confinement.

As before, he

arranges the genre on baskets, logs

, recycled wooden boxes and disused Roman ones.

In each support, a variety that changes according to the season season.

In winter, the catalog exceeds

ten references pata negra

, "as interesting or more than the summer ones," he anticipates.

"Now the tomatoes are smaller, with tougher skin and with more nuances in flavor," he explains.

The new space of El colmado del tomato.

Rosa de Barbastro, Raf from Cabo de Gata, Iberian Raf

from Granada, from the Guadalfeo Valley;

Also in the giant variety and balls of Iberian Raf, Comanche, Mar Azul and the colorful cherrys, especially the Divino Imperial ...

From 3.50 to 11 euros / kilo.

He works only with

small national farmers

who are looking around the towns.

Before buying, taste the product.

At this time of year, the merchandise comes from "five families in Almería, Granada, Ávila, also with about 10 in Navarra ...", reveals the 43-year-old businessman.

Their tomatoes do not disappoint and they taste like that, like tomato


"The key is that they mature in the branch, not in the truck or in a warehouse, which I consider to be the problem of many supermarkets," he reveals while serving.

Your genre, then, has its days numbered: since you buy it, you have three or four to give it a go.

Pink tomato from Barbastro, which the businessman brings from Granada in winter.

As complementary products, it

also delivers extra virgin olive oil, cans

from the Navarra garden (its land) and some premium jar.

In the coming months the genre will increase, with its own preserves that it already prepares.

In summer, it will bring new tomato varieties, larger than the current ones.

As in previous campaigns, he hopes to have

Oscuro de Ávila, Feo de Tudela, Rosa de Barbastro, Ram

a, Jack, cherry rama ...


C / Cea Bermúdez, 21. Telf .: 664 47 41 78. From Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 15:00 and from 18:00 to 21:00.

On Saturdays, until 3:00 p.m.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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