<Anchor> In

some apartment complexes, I have reported that delivery workers only use freight lifts.

Some places allow you to carry things only on foot, and some complexes require you to take off your hard hat to enter.

Reporter Park Jae-hyun accompanied the reporter to cover how the delivery workers felt.

<Reporter> A

delivery order came from an apartment in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

[It's the heaviest one.] I

hurried to the apartment, but I can't even access the elevators in the underground parking lot used by residents.

[Apartment security guard: (It's very heavy, this one.) Only cars go in here.

(Can't even the courier car go in?) The courier car does.

Only motorcycles can't

go in


I went to the security room far away to get permission, and asked me to register my personal information and leave my personal belongings.

[Apartment security guard: I'll give you the key if you leave it to me.] It

usually takes 5 minutes, but it took 20 minutes from this apartment.

As I walk hundreds of meters with my luggage, my stamina drops sharply.

[Motorcycle delivery man A: When the weight is hit with a dumbbell, it is more than 10kg.

Most of them were water and drinks.

(Outerwear) It's all taken off, it's too hot.]

I can't stand the hard work.

Be denied boarding the general elevator, or

[Motorcycle Delivery Man B: I felt like I was a refrigerator or washing machine as I went up the freight car elevator alone.

It looks like moving things are going up...

.] Some people are

glorified for smelling food.

[Motorcycle delivery man A: Are you saying I smell?

I heard it wrong, but I think so.

For no reason, I become more constricted...

.] It is

said that there are even times when you are treated as criminals.

[Motorcycle delivery man B: Take off your helmet, so your face is photographed by CCTV.

I asked why I took off my coat, and I could hide the weapon inside...

.] The

400 surveyed said that 76 apartments in Seoul are forcing people to deliver on foot or use freight elevators within the complex.

Delivery workers decided to file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission tomorrow, saying that such regulations are discriminatory acts that violate the right to equality.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, video editing: Lee Seung-jin, CG: Lee Jun-ho)