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Emilio Carcur has never been scared of challenges.

25 years ago, the first Thai cuisine restaurant was opened on Calle de Jorge Juan in Madrid, which was a novelty in the capital's gastronomic scene -among gardens, waterfalls and exotic plants-.

In love with the culture, philosophy and food of the Asian country, the pandemic also pushed him to reinvent himself.

Her new experience is called Thai Emotion and this time she brings her home with all the Asian luxury you would expect.

"It's an idea that was in my head for a long time," he explains on the other end of the phone.

In fact, it inaugurated its first 'take away' on March 13 of last year, Thai Away, but on the 14th the state of alarm was decreed in Spain and that did not start.

In this time he has closed his stage at Thai Garden (which had moved to Arturo Soria) to open new horizons.

"The name is mine. Now I put it in a parenthesis, but my idea is to reopen it in the future."

Aware of the delivery boom, from the beginning he set out to make a difference.

"My idea is to

make the client move to Thailand

, with the flavors, but also with the way of presenting and delivering it."

They will have their own delivery service, who will

wear a uniform and white gloves

, to deliver the order as if it were a gift.

When the situation allows it, they hope to provide an authentic

'in house service'

, which also includes arranging the food on the table with elegance and discretion.

Kanom Gib.

Preparation of shrimp and bacon wrapped in wheat pasta.

This is a bit about the history of this small place in the center of Madrid, which also has a private room for up to six people, where everything is reminiscent of Thailand.


The five people who work in the kitchen with me are Thai,

" says Emilio.

He has always liked everything to be "very authentic" and take care of the little details.

Within the possibilities offered by delivery and home delivery, he has thoroughly studied the staging.

The packaging arrives impeccable and upon opening it the diner finds the photos and the name of the dishes.


I want to present things in a beautiful way. I'm looking no further,

" he says.

They have only been filming for two weeks and the response from people is being "very good".

There are old clients who already knew his trajectory, but also new incorporations attracted by the colors and flavors - watch out for the spice - of authentic Thai cuisine.

At the head of the kitchen is the chef Nathakiat Khambunruang, the only one in Spain who has the certificate to prepare Royal Thai Cuisine.

"This type of kitchen refers to a way of decorating and presenting it with precision and care", he adds.

Tom Kha Kai.

Chicken and coconut milk soup with galangal (blue ginger), red chili peppers, kaffir lime, lemongrass and lime juice.

The Thai Emotion menu is a journey through

typical dishes from different parts of the country

, a journey through the tradition of an ancient culture.

Everything is prepared at the moment and with fresh and seasonal produce.

"The dishes take time to prepare and to be faithful to the original Thai cookbook."

Hence, they recommend placing orders in a reasonable time.

It is essential to try their dim-sum and dumplings, such as the Kanom Gib, with shrimp and bacon.

In the starters, the Kai Satee, chicken skewers with peanut sauce;

the Poh Pia spring rolls, with vegetables and mushrooms, and the pansib, vegetable patties with turmeric and aromatic herbs, are a good option.

On the menu there are many salads -very rich green papaya-, rice dishes -such as Khao Pad Kai- noodles and soups.

You can not miss a curry, the basis of their diet, and as a main dish, chicken sautéed with vegetables and cashews or battered hake is a good option.

Everything is a gift.


: Calle Eguilaz 13 corner Luchana 12. Telephone numbers: 91 447 29 76/649 047 839. Closed Monday and Tuesday at noon.

Average price: 50 euros per person.

The menu is delivered as if it were a gift.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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