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Retrogaming lovers will be able to enjoy a streaming service made for them.

Plex continues to diversify its offer by launching Plex Arcade.

It is a streaming platform dedicated to retro games, reports

The Verge


On the menu: around thirty cult games taken from the Atari catalog.

Thus, nostalgic players will find Aquaventure, Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Sky Raider or Adventure.

In addition to this catalog, Plex Arcade also supports user ROMs and allows you to add your own emulators, notes

The Verge


Around 4 euros per month

The amount of the subscription to the service is fixed at 4.99 dollars per month (a little more than four euros).

A discount will be applied to Plex Pass subscribers who will only pay $ 2.99 per month (around 2.50 euros).

A seven-day free trial is offered.

To connect to the service, you will need a Windows PC or a MAC.

The service therefore leaves out players with an interface under Linux and Nvidia Shield.

Some games will also not work on iOS, Android, Android TV and Google Chrome, says



All bluetooth controllers are compatible but Plex recommends the Xbox One or a DualShock 4 for the best experience.

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