Bumble announced on Thursday that it will ban body shaming.

People who make unsolicited derogatory comments about the appearance of others will be banned from the dating app.

Body shaming includes comments that, according to Bumble, can be considered "racist," fatphobic, "homophobic, or transphobic.

By acting harder, the app aims to create a "friendlier and more respectful date environment".

Bumble is a dating app where men and women can like each other, but women take the first step to start a conversation in a match.

The app uses algorithms that detect messages and images that are against the rules.

They are then sent to a human moderator for review.

People who bodyshame on their profile or in the chat function will first receive a warning.

They are also offered help to change their behavior.

If they make another mistake afterwards, Bumble can remove them.