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an unauthorized educational facility operated by IM Mission, a bunch of Corona 19 has been confirmed.

At the international school in Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, run by this mission, 113 students and faculty members contracted the coronavirus.

The city of Gwangju conducted a thorough investigation by additionally identifying local unauthorized educational facilities operated by other religious organizations.

This is Jung Ban-seok.


Children wearing blue protective suits larger than their size walk one after another and board the transfer bus.

At TCS International School in Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, where 113 confirmed cases were found, the confirmed cases were transferred to a treatment facility.

In the process, some residents threw eggs and protested that the school did not follow the quarantine rules properly.

This school is an unauthorized education facility operated by members of the IM Mission, who recently came out with a bunch of confirmed cases in Daejeon, etc., and a camp mission camp has been held since the 18th.

[Neighboring residents: I heard that they are coming from all over the country. Kids meal to eat huge restaurant also (know that) which operates as]

students and staff, including geotinde the two camps educational personnel more than 80 percent of the 135 people confirmed, most in 6 years 19 was a year old minor students that many of the infected population in the asymptomatic state Is known.

It was confirmed that they lived in clusters of up to 11 people in one room.

As about 150 people were confirmed at two TCS International Schools in Gwangju, the number of confirmed cases related to IM Mission increased to 360 people nationwide.

[Yiyongseop / Gwangju market: more than five unauthorized or more educational facilities and five of all camp facilities will issue an executive order to receive notification and inspection voluntarily]

Guangzhou is an executive order about where unlicensed educational facilities 10 that my religious facilities, regional operations I activated it and started a thorough investigation.