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In the thriller


, by Lluís Quílez (

Out of the Dark


Javier Gutiérrez

takes on the role of Martín, a police officer who has to

deal with prisoners on a very bumpy journey in an armored truck


In the middle of a cold and snowy night, your character will face a rebellion in which he cannot trust anyone if he wants to stay alive.

"Martín lives, before a glance halfway between horror and stupefaction, how some guys deprived of freedom fight to escape," says Gutiérrez.

"And, although not much should be told about the plot, the policeman I play radically changes his ideas about the system he works for. Something that I think will happen to viewers, who will enjoy


because it is pure entertainment

, but they will also reflect on its ending, so special. "

Javier Gutiérrez, together with director Lluís Quílez in the filming of 'Bajocero'.


After acknowledging that he has never been so cold on set ("

I think it is the hardest film I have ever made.

Shooting at night and with so much cold has been a master's degree in suffering"), the actor in films such as

The Minimal Island


El olivo


El autor



is surprised to think that the last two feature films in which he has participated have been released on Netflix ... and at very delicate moments.

"It is part of an apocalyptic moment like the one we live in.

I see Madrid and I am sorry that its vitality and energy has given way to a sad and dull city.

It is coincidental, but it never ceases to amaze me that


, which took place in the inside a house, it will arrive in full confinement; and, now,


almost coincides with a historical snowfall like the one that Madrid has experienced ".

"In spite of my physique and my height, the truth is that I have done a lot of police

", smiles the actor.

"On the one hand, in the series

I'm alive

. And, on the other, in addition to


, in films such as

La isla



Torrente 3.

In the latter case, in a comedy key," adds the interpreter raised in Ferrol.

"The fact that now there are so many productions with police officers as main characters has a lot to do with the way in which

our audiovisual industry has opted for the thriller as a genre to catch the viewer.

And now very great jobs are being done thanks to directors who know tell good stories, such as Enrique Urbizu, Rodrigo Sorogoyen or Alberto Rodríguez, among others. "

A scene in which the prisoners riot (among others, played by Andrés Gertrúdix and Luis Callejo) inside the armored car.


A great soccer fan ("and a fan of Racing Club de Ferrol and Fútbol Club Barcelona"),

Javier Gutiérrez has put a face to a sports journalist in the series

Reyes de la noche

, which will premiere in a few months on Movistar +.

With many similarities with the 'journalistic duel' that José Ramón de la Morena and José María García experienced at the time, this production has allowed Gutiérrez to take advantage of and take advantage of his passion for sports.

"My character, Paco el Cóndor, is not José María García and the series is not about him. Rather, those glorious years of Spanish sports radio are remembered. Yes, I will tell you that I have been a very admirer of his work.

I think that García did a journalism that was pure spectacle.

Although the end did not justify the means ... ".

Martín (Gutiérrez), inside the armored van.


During the general confinement that we lived in Spain last year, Javier Gutiérrez sang and danced a lot with his son at home.

"I am very clown and I act all the time that I am with him. Although it is also true that there were people who asked me to encourage them and accompany them at times when they were not having a good time. And I did it without wanting it to transcend much.

Thanks to the Culture, cinema, television or literature have served as balm for people who have had a very bad time

and were lost. Our leaders, on one side and the other, have not helped. They have subtracted more than added in a moment of so much anxiety. But culture has taught a lesson in this regard. I feel sorry for all the comrades who have stayed on the road. And

it makes me blush that, in their debates, politicians do not spend a minute on culture "


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