Attorney General Choo Mi-ae resigned today (27th).

Minister Chu, who served for more than a year since January of last year, assessed himself as boldly leading the reforms he had professed since his inauguration throughout his tenure.

On the other hand, there are also criticisms that he only established a confrontation with Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol.

Prosecutor Lee Seong-yoon is about to greet him next month, and he is on the prosecution's investigation line and is in conflict with the prosecutors below.

This is Won Jong-jin.


At the beginning and end of Attorney General Chu Miae, there was a consistent word for prosecution reform.

He emphasized at the beginning of the prosecution that it laid the foundation for reform of the prosecution, and praised him for having a successful term.

[Chu Mi-ae/Minister of Justice: We have established a high-ranking public officials criminal investigation office.

We have achieved solid results in terms of the legal system.]

Following former Minister Cho Kook, Minister Chu, who took office in January last year, without hesitation, destroyed the existing prosecution organizational culture.

The conflict with Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol was also immortal, and he carried out his will.

[Chu Miae/Attorney General (Last June): I cut my instructions in half.

What would be better if I listened to the minister's words humbly rather than commanding...


When the suspicion of his son's return on vacation broke out, he sometimes raised conflict with harsh remarks.

[Chu Miae/Minister of Justice (Last year July): You are writing a novel...


(Are you writing a novel?)]

In the end, there was an unprecedented rainfall in the history of the prosecutor general's job exclusion, but it is an evaluation that it became defeat.

Court brakes were put under pressure to resign.

As Minister Chu's momentum declined, the position of Chief Prosecutor Lee Seong-yoon, who boasted excellent compatibility, also narrowed.

Last year, prosecutor Lee, who was the head of the anti-corruption force of the great prosecutor, was involved in the process of banning the illegal departure of former Vice Minister Kim Hak-eui, and was on the line of investigation under suspicion that he used external pressure to cover the ongoing investigation.

There is a conflict with the investigation team under the command of Minister Chu over the handling of the case led by the investigation.

There are also group protests of juniors who claim not to be charged with prosecutor Han Dong-hoon in connection with the Channel A attempted force case.

He aims to recover his prestige in greetings next month, but his hopes left alone after Minister Chu's resignation are not as optimistic.

(Video editing: Seunghee Lee)