Xbox Live: no price increase in the end and games playable online for free -


Heavily criticized for its decision to increase the price of its Xbox Live subscription, Microsoft has decided to turn back and said that the subscription prices will ultimately keep the same pricing as before.

The price increase was not anecdotal.

The monthly formula was supposed to go from 6.99 to 8.99 euros, the quarterly formula from 19.99 to 23.99 euros and the six-month formula from 29.99 to 47.99 euros.

Ultimately, it will not be.

And to be forgiven, the American giant has announced that it will now offer free access to online games on free-to-play games, which will no longer require an Xbox Live subscription.




Dead or Alive 6

or even


thus become playable for free online.

The offer remains the same for now

The American giant, however, did not specify whether it was changing its offer.

For the first time, it was to offer five games to Xbox Live Gold subscribers next February, instead of four.

The increase in the number of games offered seemed to go hand in hand with the increase in prices.

It is currently unknown whether Microsoft will keep the five games offered with its Xbox Live subscription in March 2021.

Remember that the Xbox Live subscription offers unlimited access to online play and four free games per month.

The GamePass formula on the other hand gives unlimited access to a catalog of more than 300 games.

As for the GamePass Unlimited formula, it combines the two subscriptions under a single banner.


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