Something I was concerned about is happening. Last night (26th) at an international school in Gwangju run by IM Mission, 100 students and faculty members were also convicted of coronavirus.

First, reporter Kim Min-jung reports.


An unauthorized TCS International School operated by IM Mission in Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, and 100 students and faculty members at this school were newly diagnosed with coronavirus last night. 

It is the first three-digit confirmed case in Gwangju and the largest group infection.

Gwangju Mayor Yong-seop Lee held an emergency online briefing last night and said, "As a result of having tested 135 people, including students and faculty, 100 people have been tested positive, and 9 people have been tested."

In this international school, which is an educational facility for training missionaries, 122 students and faculty members from all over the country are known to have participated in the camp mission camp from the 18th to the 8th of the following month. 

[Neighboring residents: I heard that they are coming from all over the country. It seems like they always go back and forth.]

More than half of the students were surveyed that 66 people came from other regions. The city said that as most of the confirmed cases are minors, they plan to transfer them to a life treatment center near their actual residence for treatment. .