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The fury of the fierce Filomena left tons of snow on Madrid, thousands of fallen trees, dozens of images and

a photograph of love


It was captured from afar, on the A-2 motorway, by the journalist and photographer María de la Cruz Valdemoro, who decided to spread it and invoke the magic of the networks to try to find its protagonists.

"I do not know who they are, but this photo is a bit of framing it in their living room. Not for being beautiful but for unrepeatable," he wrote when uploading it to his Instagram account.

Help came to him immediately.

The stamp was replicated thousands of times and numerous media reported a different human story and more hopeful than the damage caused by the storm.

To avoid the temptations of possible impostors, the photographer kept

a question to confirm the identity of the couple


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Regardless of the human history it hinted at, photography had an unquestionable value in itself.

National Geographic described it as one of the best images made

during the storm as it passed through the capital.

The enigma of the protagonists has been revealed a few days ago, a time in which the author of the image was telling the news about a search that was slow to bear fruit.

A few days in which

the Iberia company put on the table another romantic incentive

: when it appeared, the couple was invited to travel on one of their flights to Paris.

It was María de la Cruz Valdemoro herself who revealed the mystery.

Blanca, 25, and Pedro, 26, are the ones who kissed under the snow.

They credited it by providing proof of the objects they were carrying in their hand and were not seen in the photo: two cans of beer.

It was the question to confirm his identity.

Without revealing more personal data, the journalist and photographer has outlined

details worthy of a romantic script


Blanca and Pedro were a couple for years, they left their relationship two ago and that day they were on that first reunion date.

Judging by the stamp, it started off hopefully.

Besides those years, they now share a photo, a story and, whatever happens, they will always have Paris.

This is how the photographer announced on Instagram Stories that she had found the couple

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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