Concerns about the massive spread of corona through educational facilities operated by missions organizations in Daejeon are becoming reality.

In addition to Daejeon, 109 people were diagnosed with coronavirus overnight at missionary facilities in Gwangju Metropolitan City.

As there are many confirmed cases related to missionary organizations, the number of new confirmed cases from 300 to 400 is expected to increase to 500 today (27th). 

The first news is reported by reporter Minjung Kim.

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dark night, you can feel the popularity among the dim lights from the windows.

This is the TCS International School in Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, where 109 confirmed cases last night.

It is an unauthorized training facility operated by members of the IM Mission Church, where a bunch of confirmed patients came out recently in Daejeon, etc., and camp mission camps have been in progress since the 18th.

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number of people involved in training camps, including students and faculty, were 135 people, 109 of whom were tested positive for COVID-19.

Most of the confirmed cases were confirmed as underage trainees aged 6 to 19 years old.

An official at TCS International School said that the trainees who were confirmed confirmed were separated overnight.

[Official at TCS International School in Gwangju-gu, Gwangju: I decided to give you a list now (at the city hall), but we are doing it from the separation of children.)]

The city of Gwangju says that more than half of the trainees at the facility are residents of other regions, and plans to transfer the confirmed patients to a life treatment center near the actual residence.

The number of confirmed cases related to Gwangju TCS International School increased to 146, including 37 in Buk-gu and 109 in Gwangsan-gu.

The quarantine authorities are planning to conduct an epidemiological investigation, such as the association with the Daejeon IEM International School, where a bunch of confirmed cases were found to determine the exact path of infection.

With more than 100 confirmed cases occurring at night, the number of new corona confirmed cases is expected to exceed 500 today.