Mongolians who assaulted an unfamiliar man and killed him were sentenced to probation in prison.

According to the court on the 26th, the 30th Division of the Seoul Central District Court's Criminal Agreement (Presiding Officer Hyun-woo Lee) imprisoned Mongolians A and B, who were charged with injuries and lethality, with three years in prison and four years probation and two years in prison and three years probation. Sentenced.

The two tried to ask a woman for a phone number while drinking in front of a convenience store in Jung-gu, Seoul in July 2020, and when they saw this, they asked another Mongolian C, "Can you get her phone number?" It was investigated that there was a fertility while listening.

Eventually, C, who lost consciousness during a fistfight, was taken to the hospital, but died four days later.

The judge said, "By assaulting the victim, inflicting injury and eventually causing death," the judge said, "The victim first violated the victim and fell, and then became excited and accidentally committed the crime, and it seems that he was arrested on the way to surrender to the police station. He said, “We considered the sentencing.”

As for Mr. B, he judged that "the victim also seems to be responsible for the occurrence or expansion of the crime, and the degree of violence (by Mr. B) seems to be less severe than Mr. A.

The court also explained that "the defendants agreed smoothly with the victim's survivors and considered the fact that the survivors did not want the accused to be punished."

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