The most essential evidence in the case that Vice Minister of Justice Lee Yong-gu ate alcohol and assaulted a taxi driver is a video containing the assault scene.

However, it turned out that the police who investigated at the time did not take proper action even though the taxi driver showed the video of the assault.

The police belatedly went to the facts.

This is reporter Ahn Hee-jae.


One of the things that the police presented as grounds for concluding the charges against Justice Lee Yong-gu, who assaulted a taxi driver while drunk in November last year, is that the assault video could not be obtained.

However, it was revealed that the police at the time knew that taxi driver A had a 30-second assault video, and five days after the incident, the police called Mr. A to check the video together.

[Damaged taxi driver Mr. A: "You said you took a video" (the police) said, but can I not show it?

(Looking at the video)'You're standing right.

I'll just do what I haven't seen.' The

police chief said that at the end of the emergency meeting, Mr. A's statement was confirmed to be part of the truth, but the police officer in charge denied the statement that the video was supposed to be viewed. He said.

As the police lifted their positions in charge and formed a fact-finding team, the prosecution's investigation is also speeding up.

The prosecution is planning to check to what extent the results of Mr. A's investigation were reported and whether there was any involvement in the upper line.

In addition, it is said that they will ask about the reason for confirming the video of the assault and determining that it was not in operation immediately.

It is known that the prosecution will be seized and searched at Seocho Police Station sooner or later.

While the investigation method and schedule of the assault party, Vice Minister Yong-gu Lee, was being reviewed, Vice Minister Lee said he received a summons notification from the police officer, but requested that the date be rescheduled.