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number of confirmed coronaviruses may have decreased due to the efforts of everyone, but the spread of group infection in an unauthorized boarding school operated by a missionary organization in Daejeon is not unusual.

Last night, the number of confirmed cases increased, reaching 171 in total.

In this boarding school, as many as 20 students lived in one room, and it was found that students with symptoms were only quarantined in the dormitory and left unattended for more than 10 days.

Reporter Jung Joon-ho reports.

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night of the 25th, the quarantine authorities announced that 39 additional confirmed persons related to IEM at an unauthorized boarding school operated by a missionary in Daejeon were added.

A total of 39 students, including 37 students of this school and the pastor's couple who led them, were confirmed in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do.

They were found to have visited a religious facility in Hongcheon on the 16th.

Previously, 132 out of 158 students, including students and faculty, were confirmed at this school, and the number of related confirmed cases increased to 171.

At IEM International School in Daejeon, students from 16 to 18 years of age from all over the country lived in dormitories since the 4th, and it was confirmed that the quarantine regulations were not well observed.

We lived up to 20 people in one room, and shared a shower and toilet.

There is only one restaurant with a table and no partitions.

The school's response was also easy.

On the 12th, after a student first showed cough and headache symptoms, the number of symptoms increased to 6, but there were no tests or hospital treatments.

I just separated the quarters and made me get mixed up with other students for over ten days.

[Tae-Jung Heo/ Mayor of Daejeon City: It is very regrettable that appropriate measures such as preemptive inspections have not been taken.] The

quarantine authorities have closed boarding schools for three weeks and are investigating the possibility of further transmission.