Millions of private data from Dutch people from the GGD's corona systems have been traded illegally,

RTL Nieuws


on Monday, based on its own research.

It concerns information that is listed in two computer systems of the GGD.

One system is used to register corona tests, while the other is used for source and contact research.

The traders offered the residential addresses, telephone numbers and social security numbers of the Dutch for between 30 and 50 euros.

That happened on chat service Telegram.

A buyer could misuse this information for identity fraud, for example.

Larger datasets were sold from other accounts, containing information from tens of thousands of Dutch people.

The illegal traders claimed to be able to offer the private information of well-known Dutch people.

The GGD was informed of the data trade last Friday.

This weekend, two people were arrested on suspicion of the data trade.

'Personnel at GGD bribed'

The information would come from bribed personnel who work at the GGD and other organizations.

Sometimes hundreds of euros were offered.

Last week,



that the computer systems of corona testing company U-Diagnostics were insufficiently secured, so that outsiders could view information relatively easily.