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Kona, an electric car made by Hyundai Motors, burned 14 times in two years.

In October last year, a large-scale recall was carried out, but another fire broke out in the electric car Kona that was being charged.

It has been identified as a vehicle that has already been recalled.

Reporter Jeong Ban-seok covered it.


Yesterday (23rd) around 4:10 pm, a fire broke out in a Kona vehicle that was charging at the electric vehicle charging station in Dalseo-gu, Daegu.

A fire started in the battery part of the rear seat and went out in two hours, causing property damage of 15 million won.

This is the 15th time the Kona electric car caught fire.

A fire broke out in a similar situation where most were charging.

For this reason, Hyundai Motor Company has been recalling the battery management system for 77,000 Kona electric vehicles since October last year, but it has been confirmed that vehicles that ignited this time have already received the recall.

Vehicle owners are anxious.

[Mr. A/Kona electric car fire victim: I didn't buy it if I knew it would burn. I would like to find the root cause and make a proper recall. There is an adult in the family who has a Kona vehicle, but I am worried.] Some

argue that fundamental measures such as battery replacement are necessary.

[Lee Ho-geun/Professor of Daedeok University's Automotive Department: The maximum charging rate is currently 97%, but even a 10% reduction can significantly reduce the risk of fire, so a partial compensation is given for the reduction in mileage after the preliminary measures, and measures are taken after the complete cause is identified It seems correct.]

Hyundai Motor Company announced

that it

is currently investigating the exact cause of the fire with relevant agencies, and that it will actively cooperate so that the results of the investigation can come out quickly.

(Video editing: Ji-hye So, screen provided: Viewer Song Young-hoon, Daegu Dalseo Fire Station)