The Chinese tech giant Tencent has bought a majority stake in Klei Entertainment, the Canadian maker of survival game

Don't Starve


Mark of the Ninja


The company announced this on Friday evening.

Tencent is the market leader in the Chinese game sector and has bought shares in Western game companies in the middle and high budget class more often in recent years.

For example, the company has a large share in Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite.

In a blog post, Clay founder Jaime Cheng writes that this step "ensures that we can better maneuver ourselves through a changing industry".

Tencent won't have a hand in running the studio or the projects they choose, Cheng said.

Partly for this reason, Klei has chosen to work with the Chinese company.

Clay Entertainment is a maker of mid-budget games.

Clay games are known for their cartoonish and deliberately exaggerated art style, and are generally well received by critics.