A church in Gwangju Metropolitan City was also diagnosed with 18 people, and this church building had an unauthorized educational facility operated by the missionary church you heard earlier.

This news is reporter Song In-ho.


It is a small church in Buk-gu, Gwangju.

Two days here, 18 people, including new members and families, were confirmed to be corona19.

Of these, 10 were found to be family ties, and the remaining 8 were found to be students from unauthorized mission education facilities on the first floor of the same building as members of this church.

The training facility for the mission is TCS Ace International School, which is operated by IM Mission together with IEM International School, where group infection occurred in Daejeon.

They were found to have been living and eating at the facility.

The quarantine authorities checked the list of visitors to this building, and conducted a full corona19 test for daycare centers and kindergartens operated by some of the confirmed patients.

On the other hand, on the first holiday in which face-to-face religious events were possible in six weeks, religious events were allowed within 10% of the seats in the metropolitan area and 20% of the non-metropolitan areas.

[Yom Jeong-cheol/Church Elder: Call the people who will attend the service in advance and make a layout plan for that number... .]

There were many places that complied with the quarantine regulations, but three religious facilities in downtown Seoul were caught violating the regulations, such as violating the number of meetings.