The number of Dutch people using TikTok grew by more than a million over the past year, according to the annual survey by market researcher Newcom.

That is an increase of 149 percent.

TikTok has now passed Facebook in the category of Dutch people between 15 and 19 years, Newcom writes.

Pinboard platform Pinterest also saw a significant increase in the number of installations.

Photo app Instagram, on the other hand, hardly sees any growth, especially in the age group under 40 years.

WhatsApp is still the most used app in the Netherlands.

The number of users rose slightly again this year, from 12.1 million to 12.4 million.

The app is also still the most popular in daily use: 9.8 million Dutch people use WhatsApp every day.

836,000 Dutch people watch videos on TikTok every day, a significant increase compared to the 281,000 who did so at the beginning of 2020.

LinkedIn and YouTube were also used a lot more.