Livestock related vehicles across the country must be disinfected at the local disinfection facility when traveling to and from the farm.

This is to prevent the spread of livestock infectious diseases such as highly pathogenic avian influenza, which is spreading recently, but when I tested the effect, there were places where disinfection was not working properly.

Even after passing through the disinfection facility, infection was possible through vehicles.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Kim Deok-hyun

<Reporter> As the

vehicle enters, the facility door opens, and disinfectant is sprayed out from all sides.

It is a base disinfection facility to prevent the spread of AI through livestock vehicles.

There are 217 locations nationwide, and vehicles going to and from farms and livestock facilities must pass during the special quarantine period.

Then, I checked with the research team how much the disinfection effect would be.

Test papers buried with the low pathogenic AI virus were attached to six vehicles and passed the base disinfection facility.

According to the government's disinfectant guidelines, the virus must be killed by 99.9%, but the results of the experiment were only 86% on average.

It means that infection through vehicles is possible.

[Song Chang-seon/Konkuk University Veterinary Medicine Professor: It is inevitable that the vehicles passing through the facility are almost completely disinfected.

Too much (disinfectant) dilution may not work.

You need to check the size of the (sprayed) particle.]

Disinfection effectiveness may be lower in older or open areas than in a closed disinfection facility where testing has been conducted.

Some point out that'drone quarantine', which has been introduced a lot recently, is less effective in disinfection.

[Nong-Hoon Choi/Professor of Veterinary Medicine, Konkuk University: When pathogens enter the farm, they usually come through people or vehicles.

It seems that disinfectant is sprayed on unnecessary places (drone).] The

Ministry of Agriculture and Food said that it has checked for problems such as corrosion of the nozzle spraying disinfectant.

(Video editing: Commissioner Yang, VJ: Oh Saegwan¬∑Shin Soyoung)