Amid the prediction that the company's supply in Europe in the first quarter of Europe will be reduced by 60% due to the fire at AstraZeneca's India plant, which produces the Corona 19 vaccine, our quarantine authorities said,'There is no change in the domestic first quarter vaccine introduction plan.'

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) released data today (24th) and explained that "Korea (not AstraZeneca's factory in India) will be supplied with AstraZeneca vaccines produced by SK from Q1, and there is no change in supply plan so far." I did.

Korea has signed a vaccine purchase contract with AstraZeneca for 10 million people.

The quarantine authorities previously announced that they plan to supply the quantity produced by SK Bioscience, a consignment production facility of AstraZeneca, sequentially from February to March.

Currently, in Europe, there is a possibility that not only AstraZeneca but also Pfizer will be able to supply initial vaccine quantities as contracted, and countries are protesting.

Initially, AstraZeneca planned to supply 80 million doses of vaccine to 27 countries in Europe by the first quarter of this year, but the actual supply is expected to decrease by 60%.

Earlier, Pfizer also informed the European Union (EU) that it will not be able to supply the promised quantity for three to four weeks due to the construction of a production facility in Belgium.

Accordingly, Italy warned of the possibility of legal action against AstraZeneca following Pfizer, and the delay in the vaccine supply is increasing the conflict in Europe.