In November of last year, a taxi driver A, who was assaulted by a drunk attorney General Yong-gu Lee, showed a video of the assault situation to the police, but said in a call with SBS that he heard a word from the police officer saying "I will not see it."

In a call with SBS, Mr. A said that he took a video of the taxi black box that recorded the situation at the time of the assault on his mobile phone and sent it to a friend. He went to the police station on November 11 last year and showed the video for 30 seconds to the police officer.

Mr. A said, "(Taxi)'I'm standing right. I'll just choose not to watch it.'" He said, "I wish (the police) asked for the video, but the police officer didn't dare ask for the video. "I said.

Mr. A said that he had stated all of these details in the investigation of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office.

After the taxi driver's new testimony came out, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated that "the fact that the police officer in charge of the Seocho Police Station checked the black box video has been confirmed to be some facts and is grasping the truth."

As it is revealed that the police have confirmed evidence of the assault of Vice Minister Lee Yong-gu, the prosecution's investigations confirming the police's suspicion of being looked after are likely to accelerate.