The quarantine authorities have identified the COVID-19 mutant virus, which is prevalent around the world, including the UK and South Africa, as the biggest variable for future quarantine.

At a regular briefing today (23rd), Kwon Jun-wook, head of the 2nd vice president of the Central Defense Countermeasures Headquarters, said, "The mutant virus has a greater spreading power than the existing virus."

Deputy General Manager Kwon said, "The infectious disease reproductive index of Corona 19 in Korea is about 0.82, and if the mutant virus originating in the UK spreads widely in Korea, this number will rise to 1.2."

The infectious disease reproduction index is a number that indicates how many people around one confirmed person infect them. If this index is less than 1, it means'prevention of the outbreak', and if it is more than 1, it means'the spread of the outbreak'.

Deputy General Manager Kwon said, "According to today's announcement by the British government, the fatality rate could be higher, so it is a very scary situation." A big variable"

The UK mutant virus is known to be 1.7 times more powerful.

There are three mutant viruses that have been identified in Korea so far, from the UK, South Africa and Brazil, with a total of 18 infected.