The website of Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has published an image in which a drone flies above a golfer resembling US former President Donald Trump.

The image features the text 'Revenge is certain' and references to the death of Iranian top general Qassem Soleimani a year ago.

The image first appeared on the Twitter account @khamenei_site on Friday, which tweeted in Persian and had several thousand followers.

The profile included a link to Khamenei's official website.

Twitter has suspended the profile and claims it is a fake account.

A spokesperson for the social medium has said that the account has been formally suspended for violations of the manipulation and spam policy.

According to




, the message was retweeted by Khamenei's official Persian-language Twitter account @Khamenei_fa, but was later deleted.

Both this account and the English-language profile of the Iranian ayatollah are still active.

Ayatollah threatens to decapitate Trump

The image can still be seen on Khamenei's website, with an explanation.

Soleimani's murderers and those who ordered them must be avenged, the Ayatollah writes.

The United States killed Soleimani in an airstrike in the Iraqi capital Baghdad in January 2020.

A few months later, the Iranian prosecutor announced that he wanted to prosecute Trump and dozens of those involved in the attack.

As a close friend said, Soleimani's shoe is worth more than his killer's head. Even if his killer is beheaded, it will not equate to one of Soleimani's shoes, Khamenei said.

“But it was a big mistake for them to do this and they have to pay for it.

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'Threats can also be a goal in itself'

A White House Security Council spokesman, who has been engaged by Trump's successor Joe Biden since Wednesday, said "threats of this kind from Iran are unacceptable."

"We strongly condemn this provocative action. We will continue to work with our friends and allies to counter Iran's evil influence."

Reuters also

quotes an anonymous person close to Khamenei.

“The purpose [of the tweet] was to remind the gambler (Trump, ed.) That the end of his office [as president] does not mean that he is safe and that the murder of our martyr Soleimani will be forgotten. troops can't protect him now. "

It is unclear to what extent Iran intends to put its money where its mouth is.

An analyst tells


that the threat could also be an end in itself.

"It seems the purpose of the tweet is to keep the spirit of revenge alive, which in itself could be some kind of revenge."