[Among the confiscated goods, the NACF and Shinhan Bank bankbook in the name of ○○○ were found together...


[Oh really?

I'm a nonghyup employee, what should I do?]

[Yes, all right.

Nice, hang up.]

Are you coping with voice phishing so coolly?

You might be fooled, but there have been over 110,000 victims since 2017.

The amount of damage also increased by 200 billion won each year, reaching 630 billion won in 2019.

There are many victims and the amount of damage is so great that voice phishing is sometimes called the biggest fraud case.

First, reporter Park Jae-hyun reports the situation where he is being used by a voice phishing organization while trying to find a part-time job on a job search site.


Detectives attack a man who repeatedly deposits money at an automated teller machine.

The man protests that he had a part-time job to deposit employee salaries.

[Voice phishing part-time job participant: Is this illegal or something like that?]

[Police: I give my company salary, but where do I get it to be given to other people?"

Dare to spend part-time job fees.]

Voice phishing organizations use job search sites to recruit money laundering and collection books.

The woman, who worked as a skin care professional, was cut off due to coronavirus and posted a resume on the job site.

[A/Voice phishing part-time job participant: Because it is harder with Corona...

(Last year) I worked on the 3rd in December.]

A few days later, a company contacted me.

[A/Voice phishing part-time job participant: Where is your company?

○○ It's global.

They are in Jungnang-gu, Seoul.

I'm in Suwon, but don't worry about it.

You don’t have to come to the office…

Oh, then it’s okay (I said.)] It was

to deliver the loan-related documents and send the money received to the company, and the person who gave the money to this woman was a victim of voice phishing.

Just three days after work, he was arrested for a voice phishing collection and is being investigated by the police.

[A/Voice phishing part-time job participant: It would be better if (I) was scammed.

But it made me be scammed because of me.] The

daughter who gave her mother a job search site is regretful.

[Mr. A's daughter: Many people use (job search websites) a lot these days.

(Not knowing that he was arrested) He even reported his disappearance...


That much of her mother would be involved in this...

.] As

a result of analyzing 235 people arrested for two years since 2018, it was found that 70% of them were involved in the crime through job search sites.

You can think of it as just running errands, but the cost can be very high.

[Yoo Sun-kyung/Attorney: Even without proof, I was suspicious enough, but I don't doubt it, so there is an unwritten intention.

I'm being punished severely for 2-3 years in prison.] The

job search site is blocking suspicious companies, but they say it is not enough.

[Job company employee: Because you sign up by stealing (information) from other companies.

It's a very difficult situation to find out in advance.] If

you are offering good conditions for a part-time job, transferring cash, or depositing money, you must be suspicious.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Lee Seung-jin, screen courtesy: Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency)