Francis Lalanne, in August 2018. -


" I call ".

This is the title of the column published this Friday by Francis Lalanne on the conspiracy site FranceSoir.

The singer, who was committed alongside "the yellow vests", calls for "to overthrow" the head of state Emmanuel Macron, explaining that the government is establishing "tyranny" by "criminalizing" the French in the name of coronavirus.

Francis Lalanne denounces, in a grandiloquent tone, the state of health emergency and the successive confinements.

“The Head of State and his government are wiping their feet on Republican Law as on a doormat (…) The government is insidiously committing a coup in the name of the Covid;

and is preparing to institute tyranny as an avatar of the Republic, without the knowledge of the French people, ”he explains in particular.

A call for "civil disobedience"

The French singer thus asks "the Army to take up arms to incapacitate the President of the Republic".

"I call on the highest dignitaries of the French Army concerned with ensuring the reign of Order and Republican Law, to remind the President of the Republic, as General De Villiers knew how to do in his time, to respect his prerogatives and the interest of the Nation.

"He asks them to" put an end to the exercise of the mandate of the current President of the Republic "and make him" appear before a tribunal constituted as a High Court, to answer for the head of High Treason ".

At the end of his platform, the singer calls for civil disobedience.

“It is now up to us French citizens to assert what is right by putting an end to the disturbance.

We are the people.

We are sovereign (…) Disobedience then becomes a right but also a civic and civic duty ”, explains Francis Lalanne, whose priority today is“ the reopening of all cultural and commercial spaces and other theaters or shops. hit by discriminatory and liberticidal measures.


Facts punishable by a fine of 75,000 euros

Francis Lalanne, accustomed to rants and other escapades of all kinds, risks big by publishing this column.

As noted by many Internet users on Twitter, these comments are liable to prosecution under article 413-3 of the Criminal Code.

"Francis Lalanne and the director of the publication of the conspiratorial site using the" France Soir "brand will discover article 413-3 of the Penal Code (5 years in prison, 75,000 euros fine, 375,000 euros fine for Shopper Union France, the publishing company) ”, explains Maître Eolas.

Here, Francis Lalanne and the director of the publication of the conspiratorial site using the brand "France Soir" will discover article 413-3 of the penal code (5 years in prison, 75,000 euros fine, 375,000 euros fine for SHOPPER UNION FRANCE, the publishing company).

- Maitre Eolas (@Maitre_Eolas) January 23, 2021

"The fact, with a view to harming national defense, to provoke disobedience by any means whatsoever of the military or subjugated persons assigned to any form of national service is punished by five years of imprisonment and 75,000 euros of fine ”, it is indeed noted in the law.

Furthermore, "when the provocation is committed through the written or audiovisual press, the specific provisions of the laws governing these matters are applicable with regard to the determination of the persons responsible", that is to say that the lawsuits could target both the author of the text and the site's editor.


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