[SBS Lee Cheol-hee's Political Show] <Public Opinion 123> Seeing the World through Numbers

■ Broadcast: SBS Lee Cheol-hee's Political Show (FM 103.5 MHz 9:05 ~ 11:00)

■ Progress: Lee Cheol-hee, Director of Knowledge Design Research Institute

■ Broadcasting Date: 2021 January 22 (Fri)

■ Cast: Hae-sung Park, CEO of TV Ridge

Will you go home this New Year?

'Alba Heaven' surveyed 2,817 adult men and women, and 43% said they would visit their hometown during the Lunar New Year holidays.

The same survey was conducted on Chuseok last year, and 35% said they plan to return home.

Despite the increase in the number of corona19 confirmed patients per day compared to Chuseok, the response to return home was 7.5%p higher.

What is the reason you want to visit your hometown this Lunar New Year holiday?

In summary, all the answers are'to meet the family'.

Although the aftermath of the third pandemic of Corona 19 has not yet subsided, it seems that longing has grown as the time not to meet with family has increased, and 43% of respondents said that even if they visit their hometown, they will only be at home.

There may be some people who would not visit their hometown, but is there a reason?

49% of respondents said they would not visit their hometown. 76% of them said it was because they were concerned about the re-proliferation of Corona 19. Another reason is ▲ because I cannot take a break during the holiday season due to work or part-time work (17.1%) ▲ to avoid nagging and stress (13.8%) ▲ because I have other plans (12.2%) ▲ because there are no relatives (11.9%), etc. It was in the order of.