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relation to the assault case of a taxi driver by the Vice Minister of Justice Lee Yong-gu, the police have been investigating the statement mainly because they have not been able to check the black box video.

But yesterday (23rd), the taxi driver said, "I have shown the black box video to the police," and the police belatedly explained that "the investigator in charge of the case saw the black box video" and is checking the truth.

Detailed news, this is Kim Sang-min.


Taxi driver A, who was assaulted by Vice Minister of Justice Lee Yong-gu, visited the police station on November 11 last year, five days after the incident.

On this day, Mr. A told SBS reporters that he showed a 30-second black box video of the assault situation to the investigator in charge.

The day after the incident, a black box restoration company checked the video and took it with a mobile phone.

At the time, the investigator who watched the video said that the taxi was "right standing," and said, "I will just not watch the video."

Mr. A continued, "If the police asked for it, I would give it a video, but the police officer did not ask for it."

Meanwhile, the police have said that one of the reasons for taking Lee's charges free of charge was that "it was difficult to grasp the situation only with statements because there was no video at the time."

After Mr. A's allegations were revealed, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said late last night that "it was found to be true that the investigator in charge of the case saw the video."

The prosecution has already secured the black box video, and it is expected to speed up the investigation of the investigation suspicion by additionally confirming the details of the police's explanation.