However, it is not easy to capture all the torso of a voice phishing scam organization.

This is because if you have your base in China and the tail is lit, you will immediately cut it off and hide it.

Our reporter heard the trick from a former voice phishing gang member.

Next is reporter Sungil Choi.


An office in Chongqing, China.

Cell phones and documents are on the desk.

There are many domestic mobile phone numbers starting with 010, and there is also a phone call script to deceive the victim.

The man, who was part of a Chinese voice phishing organization a year ago, says the organization works by dozens of people.

[Former Voice Phishing Members: (Office) 20 people here, 20 people here.

So, all of them are different money carriers, so there are 50 people.] When

hackers steal phone numbers and personal information, they take turns pressing the victims by dividing roles into fake prosecutors and investigators.

[Former member of Voice Phishing;

The first (telephone) is the investigator, the second is the prosecutor, and the victim must be caught, but will it be passed from the first to the second?] The

method to avoid the crackdown was meticulous.

The phone of the Chinese member is connected to the communication relay equipment of the Korean member.

The number starting with 010 is displayed because a domestic cannon phone sim is plugged into this relay equipment.

It is said that the Korean crew in charge of relay equipment constantly moves to avoid tracking.

[Former Voice Phishing Member: I move around the base station while moving continuously.

The mechanism is made in China and sent to Korea.] When

domestic crew members are caught, the connection is immediately cut off.

[Former Voice Phishing Member: I can't call while working in China.

It means he was caught in Korea.

(Then, in China), all the kids go home.] The

South Korean police say it is useless to ask the Chinese police to help with the investigation.

[Former Voice Phishing Organization Members: In the case of Chinese public security, they are connected to each other, so if you give them a phone call and give them money, that's it.] It is

very difficult to establish a voice phishing organization that spreads out loud, so it is best not to respond to suspicious calls at all. It is a roadblock.

(Video coverage: Cho Chang-hyun¬∑Kim Yong-woo, Video editing: Kim Jong-woo, VJ: Kim Jun-ho)