The two Marseillais have fun turning off the lights of the storefronts -


  • Last Sunday, two friends shot and posted on TikTok a video of them turning off the lights of Marseille stores that remained on in the middle of the night.

  • This small ecological gesture has made the rounds of social networks.

A little acrobatic jump, an agile hand, and illuminated store signs that go out one after the other in Marseille.

The video was posted on TikTok this Sunday by Maxime and Yanis, two young friends who are fond of parkour, this discipline which consists of doing figures in an urban environment.

A small sequence, shot on Sunday just before curfew to "have fun while doing a little green gesture that alerts on light pollution", as Yanis explains.

The 21-year-old apprentice carpenter has been practicing parkour for five years and shot the video “on a whim” with his friend.

“I had already seen a video of Aixois who had done the same, he says.

I had found the atmosphere of the video "good vibes".

It made me want to do it.

And on Sunday, we would go home before the curfew.

We were rue Saint-Ferréol [an important shopping street in Marseille] and we thought we were going to make the video.


" Well played guys !

»Launched by police officers

And to detail: “In fact, it is quite stupid as a technique.

In front of each store, there is a switch positioned high up.

We make a movement called a wall pass and we lower the light!

However, the law obliges businesses to turn off all light from one hour to six in the morning.

"But I, who get up early, can tell you that is not the case, and I am shocked that it is not respected!


In their little journey, Yanis and Maxime are surprised to meet police officers patrolling in civilian clothes.

“At first they did their job, with a mean look and asking us what we were doing there.

When we replied that we were doing an ecological gesture with regard to electricity consumption, they replied: "Oh yeah, well done, guys, we are not taking you on!"


Thousands of views in a few hours

The same evening, Yanis does a little editing and posts to TikTok.

When he wakes up the next day at 4 a.m., the video has already generated 200,000 views, much to his amazement.

“It buzzed for no reason, people felt concerned!

Frankly it's weird.

When I posted this I was at 300 subscribers.

I am today at 1,500!


And the craze continues to grow.

"Things are happening too quickly," Yanis is surprised.

I received a message from Brut on Instagram who wanted to ask us questions.

I believed in a fake.

They did a live one that had a million views in a few hours.

And after that, there was a snowball effect.

I even switched to BFMTV!

And since Sunday, I haven't left my phone, which keeps vibrating, so many messages I have!


Our Planet file

A little notoriety that Yanis hopes will be useful.

“With Maxime, we are not people who put themselves forward.

We did nevertheless something simple, very stupid!

But if by our little message, we can alert… It may be commonplace, but I think that by doing lots of little things like that, we can change things!


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