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■ Progress: Joo Young-jin Anchor

■ Interview: Yang Man-hee, SBS Editorial Writer, Gong Hye-jung, Representative of the Korea Child Abuse Prevention Association

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● Continuous child abuse… 100 million to see CCTV?

Yang Man-hee / SBS Editorial Writer

"Confirmed 200 cases of unnecessary physical contact.. 6 childcare teachers participated in abuse"

"3 months old baby, fractures all over the body... serious malnutrition"

"3 months old abuse, criminal punishment.. is not going to convince "

the ball Hye Jung / the child abuse prevention Association representative

can not avoid responsibility," children with disabilities abuse, local supervision neglect "

" be of age apply 3 months baby parents attempted murder, "

" abusive habits not been rehabilitated in the short term "

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