Microsoft is increasing prices for its Xbox Live Gold subscriptions in several countries, including the Netherlands.

The American tech giant confirms this to on Friday after previous reports about price increases in the United States.

A monthly subscription currently costs 6.99 euros in the Netherlands.

That will be increased to 8.99 euros.

A subscription for three months now costs 19.99 euros, but will cost 23.99 euros.

The half-year subscription is new and will cost 47.99 euros.

In the US, the price of the six-month subscription will be doubled to $ 60 (49.26 euros).

The old annual subscription, which cost the same, has since disappeared.

Microsoft will notify customers of the price change in the coming days.

The change will take effect 45 days later.

With Xbox Live Gold, players who own an Xbox game console can play online with each other.

In addition, subscribers receive free games for the various Xboxes every month.

For several years now, Xbox has also been offering Game Pass Ultimate.

This service combines Game Pass's selection of games on Xbox and PC with Xbox Live Gold.

An Ultimate subscription costs 12.99 euros per month.