A 24-year-old man, without convictions or psychiatric history, was indicted in Dijon after the kidnapping and rape of an 11-year-old girl on January 7.

This Dijonnais was confused thanks to DNA analyzes.

He faces a maximum of twenty years of criminal imprisonment if found guilty.

A 24-year-old man was indicted in Dijon in the investigation into the kidnapping and rape of an 11-year-old schoolgirl, State prosecutor Eric Mathais said on Friday.

On January 7, the girl was walking to her school when, shortly before ten a.m., a man grabbed her by her clothes and forced her to get into the back of a parked vehicle, the prosecutor told 'a press conference.

He threatens her with a knife and takes her phone with which the young teenager was trying to call for help, then moves her car to park her at the end of a dead end.

He then joined the child in the back of the vehicle and began to kiss her before raping her, added the prosecutor without wanting to be more precise.

Fifteen minutes later, he releases the young girl, returning her phone to her.

She joined her college and testified to what happened to her, triggering a "massive mobilization" of the police, according to Eric Mathais.

A man without convictions or psychiatric history

Following numerous DNA analyzes, a connection is made with a family and then a young man of 24 is identified.

He was then arrested on Wednesday.

Placed in custody, he first contests all the facts before finally acknowledging the kidnapping on Friday morning.

However, it remains "vague on the rest," added the prosecutor.

But her DNA matches traces found on the girl's clothes, he added.

This man, who lives in Dijon, has never been convicted and has no known psychiatric history.

He was indicted for rape of a minor under 15 and kidnapping or forcible confinement.

He faces a maximum of twenty years of criminal imprisonment if found guilty.