The European Parliament (EP) believes that being inaccessible for your work should become a fundamental right for EU citizens.

According to the EP, the European Commission should come up with a proposal to regulate this.

The parliament says that this is extra important now, because many more people are working from home due to the corona crisis and the boundary between work and private life is blurring further.

According to the EP, the number of homeworkers has increased by 30 percent because of the pandemic.

A Eurofound study would show that people who regularly work from home are more likely to work more hours.

"However, the many hours of work and higher expectations lead to more anxiety disorders, depression, burnouts and other mental or physical health problems," the EP said.

Having to be continuously accessible for work contributes to this.

Staff should therefore be given the right not to have to respond to emails, phone calls or other forms of communication outside working hours.

This should apply not only during evenings and weekends, but also during holidays and other forms of leave.

Parliament recently voted on an initiative proposal, calling on the European Commission to work on the right to be offline.

A large majority voted in favor of the proposal.

The EP also calls on the EU Member States to make the right to inaccessibility possible, by including it in collective labor agreements.