A video of middle school students assaulting an elderly person in public places such as the Uijeongbu Light Rail in Gyeonggi-do was distributed online and the police began an investigation.

Social network services (SNS) such as Facebook are controversial with videos of middle school students assaulting the elderly in the Uijeongbu light railroad and subway, or in the seats of the elderly.

The video shows a male student, who is believed to be a middle school student on the Uijeongbu Light Railroad, strangles an elderly woman and falls to the floor.

The two also exchanged severe swear words with each other.

In another video, a male student who appears to be a middle school student sitting in the seat of an elderly person on the subway was caught in an argument with an elderly man, and then he listened to admonition while swearing.

It is known that this video was shot by the students in the video, and the date and time of filming has not been confirmed.

As reports that the protagonist in the video were middle school students living in the Uijeongbu area, the police also began to find out the facts.

The Uijeongbu Police Department said, "The current case is assigned to the investigation team, and the video is being checked to determine who the student and the student filmed in the video are being identified. If the actual relationship is identified, it can be treated as an assault case."

(Photo = Capture video provided by the reader, Yonhap News)