Got a number of updates for the cabin and exterior

"Volvo" enhances luxury in the 2021 model of its "XC90"

  • The front end got a new design for "LED" lamps.

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Volvo has strengthened the concepts of luxury in the SUV category by introducing a number of broad improvements in the 2021 model year of its XC90 car, including the exterior body and interior components, in addition to giving the car a fuel-saving engine option, which was developed. Recently, it represents the next step in the company's ambitious strategy towards producing electric vehicles.

Among the external updates that Volvo provided to its new model, included wheels with a new design of 20 inches, including the choice of black wheels, diamond-shaped and made up of 10 bars, in addition to giving the car a rear door that can be controlled opening and closing through sensors at the bottom of the car. Receives the gesture movements of the driver's foot, enabling hands-free control of the door.

The front end also got a new design for the "LED" lights, which are decorated with a strip of daytime running lights with the same technology.

The new interior materials provide more customization options, between the five-seat compartments and the other, capable of accommodating seven passengers.

And next to the seats covered with luxurious "Nappa" leather, which are ventilated and heated, with an electric driver seat equipped with a memory and an electric lower backrest.

The technologies and innovations of the first of their kind in the world have found their way to a new model, which comes along with "active safety technology", with an updated version of the driver assistance systems, most notably the "City Safety" system, which allows automatic intervention of the braking process and avoiding collisions, to integrate all These systems, along with the "safety stop", which is the jewel of safety technology, makes the XC90 one of the safest cars on the road, and affirms Volvo Cars' steadfast commitment to developing the safest cars possible.

6 categories

The 2021 model year comes in six different-equipped classes, with a price range between 199.9 thousand and 320 thousand dirhams, in addition to two options of economical four-cylinder turbo-boosted engines connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission that transmits the powertrain to the permanent four-wheel drive system.