Each local government operates a control center that manages CCTV installed throughout.

These days, crimes have been captured and arrested in real time.

A few days ago, two people were arrested at the scene who had been robbing a vehicle on a report from a control agent.

This is G1 Choi Kyung-sik.

<Reporter> A

dark dawn, an alley in Wonju.

Two men pull the door of a parked vehicle.

In less than 10 minutes, I sneaked into three cars and scattered around with the lights shining on.

However, their theft did not escape the eyes of the control officers who carefully watched CCTV installed throughout the city.

[Wonju City Information Center Controller: I have reported (to the police) twice before seeing a car thief. Again, I was intuitively reported.]

Two men arrested as current offenders by a police officer who was dispatched after receiving a report from a control officer.

They were teenagers looking only for vehicles with unlocked doors.

The officials here have contributed decisively to theft, violence and fire prevention as well as the arrest of drug offenders.

This man went around the city of Gangneung for as many as two hours looking for a vehicle to be committed.

After getting into seven cars with less locked doors and stealing cash, I was also caught by a controller.

The man was arrested, and the control officer who contributed to the arrests received a letter of appreciation from the police.

CCTVs installed throughout the city center and control personnel monitoring them in real time.

It is playing a role as a watchman in preventing various crimes.

(Video coverage: Rakchun Lee G1)