has launched its new campaign

With a lot of accent

, which features the iconic

Lola Flores

as the protagonist to vindicate diversity, as reported by the brewery in a statement.

"Do you know why I was understood all over the world? By the accent. And I don't just mean the way of speaking ...".

Thus begins

With a heavy accent

, a powerful speech with which

Lola Flores

returns to the screens in 2021.

Through artificial intelligence techniques, Cruzcampo has made it possible for what was probably the greatest



of the 20th century to address the new generations with a universal message to value the pride of being who we are, empowering diversity and differences that each of us have.

As Cruzcampo explains, with

Con mucho accent he

tackles a highly topical issue for which he chooses

Lola Flores

as an icon of diversity, of the defense of roots and the power of the authentic in the face of clichés.

"If someone understood the accent in all its meanings, if someone conquered the planet thanks to its uniqueness and character, that was

Lola Flores

. A phenomenon whose validity remains intact despite the passage of time", comments

Esteban Velasco

, head of the brand .

He adds that getting the artist's voice, face and gestures, which we all have so much in mind, has been a technical challenge for which hours and hours of audiovisual material, more than 5,000 images, and a meticulous process of composition and post-production, in which Cruzcampo has had the personal involvement of his daughters.

Lolita and Rosario Flores have advised and participated in shaping it up to the hyper-realistic result of

Con mucho accent


Caliphate 3/4 and María José Llergo

In the speech, Lola reels off the importance of groping the roots to get the best version of oneself, through expressions full of power: "Accent is that you can see the seams and hems, that you listen to your hiccups It does not matter if you are from Conchinchina or Linea de la Concepción [...], grope your roots, good things always come from there ".

Those in charge of collecting this legacy are the new generations, represented by the project born at the

Seville Art School


Habla tu andaluz

, those responsible for the electronic music and Andalusian folklore that accompanies the spot, Califato 3/4, and the young woman artist María José Llergo, who talks with Lola at the end of the piece.

"Talking with Lola has been something precious. As if I had had the privilege of meeting her. Sharing space-time with her is something that could only happen in a dream and here," says the woman from Cordoba about her participation in the project.

Llergo, who is succeeding thanks to his mix of flamenco and seasoned with all kinds of sounds, explains that "for me the accent is a tool to discover the world in a personal way, putting the focus on what I have lived, on my earth. It is something so great that it cannot be faked, it cannot be imitated. It is something that touches you, that marks you and makes you great. "

With a lot of accent, it

is a project that began to take shape many months ago, and that has also been affected by the appearance of the pandemic.

"It was March 12 when we were filming in Malaga with María José Llergo and the rest of the protagonists, between disbelief and uncertainty about what was to come," explains Esteban Velasco.

It was a few days later that Cruzcampo decided to postpone the launch of 'Con mucho accent', and focus all his efforts on the social movement to support the hospitality industry


, contributing millions of canes to bars and restaurants, and creating advertising pieces - Like that cane that fell in slow motion - that went viral last year.

"These months have changed us all. We have returned to the roots and learned to value what is important, to search in our essence to get the best of ourselves. The message that Lola transmits takes on even more relevance and relevance after what happened" , says the marketing director of Heineken Spain, the family to which Cruzcampo belongs,

Marta García


The brand highlights that

With a lot of accent

seeks to turn stereotypes upside down and definitively abandon certain stigmas around the accent.

"The accent is present in all aspects of the personality and we all, without exception, have one. Ours, as a beer that was born more than a century ago in Andalusia, drinks from the southern lifestyle, culture and diversity of this land and, far from hiding it or concealing it, we show it proud. 'With a lot of accent' invites precisely that we all value and celebrate our own accent, whatever it may be ", Velasco explains.

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