Professors who are suspected of improperly enrolling Mr. A, the daughter of former Yonsei International Campus Vice President Lee Kyung-tae into graduate school, are at a crossroads of arrest.

From today (20th) 10:30 am, the Seoul Western District Law conducts a warrant deliberation on two professors at Yonsei University School of Management who are suspected of obstruction.

They are known to have been test evaluation committees when Mr. A took the Yonsei University Business Administration General Graduate School entrance examination in 2016.

The prosecution is reported to be investigating 10 professors at Yonsei University, including them.

In April of last year, the Ministry of Education asked the prosecutors to investigate the fraudulent admissions based on the results of an audit that six professors of the university's evaluation committee manipulated the oral test scores of applicants in order to pass Mr. A to the general graduate school of business administration.

Mr. A was ranked 9th out of 16 applicants in the document screening where quantitative evaluations such as university grades and English grades were conducted. After that, it was investigated that he passed the final score by receiving a full score of 100 points in the oral examination using the qualitative evaluation method.

In October of last year, the prosecution confiscated and searched the labs of professors related to the suspicion of fraudulent admission to the graduate school and obtained data related to entrance examinations.

(Photo = Courtesy of Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)