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As if that were not enough with the fashion series, either for its success in the mouth-to-mouth, or for its brand-new record, at METRÓPOLI we have prepared a selection of

productions that are under the radar

, but that keep several hours inside them enjoyment for different reasons.

In addition, it is always good to see and recommend unknown works for the general public.

Defend Jacob (Apple TV)

Mystery and suspense pouring out is what

Defender a Jacob


, one of those brilliant series hidden on Apple TV, a platform with quite interesting productions that for some reason has not just started.

Chris Evans

, Marvel's Captain America, changes his register to become a renowned district attorney who is faced with the decision of his life: to be true to his principles as a jurist or to be carried away by the love of his son, played by him Emerging

Jaeden Martell

(with whom he already coincided in the hilarious movie


), suspected of a gruesome crime.

For her part,

Michelle Dockery

, whom many will recognize for

Downton Abbey

, plays a mother with too many doubts about the innocence of her offspring.

The eight-episode miniseries, based on the bestselling novel by

William Landay

, is



Mark Bomback

, who has made a name for himself in the industry as a screenwriter for the last two installments of

Planet of the Apes


Vinyl (HBO)

The series dedicated to the explosive New York music scene in the 70s had

Mick Jagger


Martin Scorsese

producing (and the latter directing the wild pilot episode), with the collaboration of

Rich Cohen

(legendary editor of

Vanity Fair


Rolling Stones

) and

Terence Winter

, writer of

The Sopranos

and creator of

Boardwalk Empire


In front of the spotlight,

Bobby Cannavale

as Richie Finestra, founder of the American Century Records label, and

Olivia Wilde

as his disenchanted wife.

A luxury.

But, against all odds (HBO had announced a second season as soon as it was premiered) the series did not quite come together, despite the high level of its episodes, perhaps due to the pressure involved in debuting with which, for many, is one of the best Scorsese works, which is saying.

The series was canceled, becoming a whole cult series, with several voices calling for somehow to recover the plots that were left unfinished or, at

the very least


the Nasty Bits

, the fictional group that participated in its amazing soundtrack. .

The Infiltrator (Amazon Prime Video)

Tom Hiddleston

(Loki) and

Hugh Laurie

(House) should be more than enough reasons to watch a series.

If the incredible

Olivia Colman

(Queen Elizabeth in

The Crown


also joins the cast

and together they play the protagonists of the novel of the same name by the recently deceased

John Le Carré

, there is little excuse.

But the story of a former British soldier recruited by the intelligence services to infiltrate a network of arms traffickers has not obtained the deserved fame, despite accumulating nominations for the Golden Globe, the Bafta TV and the Emmys.

Meteor Garden (Netfix)


When you want to cry, do a handstand. That way you won't shed tears


This is one of the delusional advice given to Dong Shancai

(Shen Yue

), a young woman of humble class who manages to enter the most prestigious private university in Shanghai.

There he meets the F4, an exclusive group made up of the four most popular (and wealthiest) young people in the center, with whom he will establish

a crazy love-hate relationship


Perfect for delving into the addictive world of oriental romantic comedies with fifty episodes per season.

Star vs. the forces of evil (Disney +)

Don't let your appearance be deceptive:

Star vs. the Forces of Evil


a delight for all ages


Created by

Daron Nefcy

, its synopsis may seem topical: a teenage princess from the unconventional kingdom of Mewni is sent to earth to live in foster care with the Díaz family and wander into Echo Creek High School, since she has just inherited the real magic wand, an artifact not very suitable for irresponsible hands.

But what it really offers is a wonderful road to maturity with

a supporting cast that many live-action dramas would like for themselves


From Marco Díaz to Glossaryck to Cabeza Pony, not forgetting Ludo or Janna, all of them are perfectly defined, producing moments of a true audiovisual level.

Missing, yes, that Disney + raises the two seasons with which the series ends.

See (Apple TV)

Yes, it has already been released.

The series with which Apple promoted its new television platform has been available since November 2019 for anyone who has recently bought a product from the apple brand.

But this apocalyptic drama created to showcase

Jason Momoa

, the revered Aquaman from DC and Khal Drogo from

Game of Thrones

, has not managed to transcend expectations despite its interesting premise: in the distant future, a virus has massacred a good part of The humanity.

Also, the survivors have gone blind.

Therefore, when Baba Voss (Momoa) becomes the father of twins with the ability to see, their lives are sovereignly complicated.

The OA (Netflix)

After being missing for seven years, the young Prairie Johnson reappears in her city carrying mysterious abilities: to begin with, she can see, despite being blind at the moment she disappeared from the map.

To further complicate matters, he does not reveal where he has been to his family, nor to the FBI, but instead shares it with five strangers whom he recruits for a particular secret mission.

The third collaboration between actress

Brit Marling

and director

Zar Batmanglii got

off to a strong start, and the participation of performers like

Jason Isaacs


Paz Vega

and producers like

Brad Pitt

himself predicted a great future.

But it was not like that: the series ended in its 18th episode.

His unanswered mysteries still cause controversy among his followers ... not necessarily advocates.

Many of its harshest critics admit that despite its flaws, it is hypnotic.

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