Ziggo will start shutting down analogue radio via cable next month.

At the end of February it will be the turn of the first customers, by the end of 2021 the whole of the Netherlands must have switched to digital radio, the internet provider reports on its website on Tuesday.

Customers from the Capelle aan den IJssel region will be the first to switch from analogue to digital radio via cable on Wednesday 24 February.

It is not clear which region will be next.

The provider wants all customers to switch to digital radio by the end of 2021.

According to Ziggo, about 95 percent of Dutch people currently listen to radio in a different way than analog via cable.

Only 5 percent still use it.

"That is of course a very small group anyway," said a company spokesperson.

In addition, Ziggo already started switching from analogue to digital television in 2018.

"That process is now almost complete, so it is a logical step for us to stop with analogue radio now," said the spokesman.

The internet provider also says it is the last party to offer analogue radio: all other providers have already stopped doing so.

Internet speed can be increased

By switching from analogue to digital radio, Ziggo says it will free up space on the network.

It is not yet entirely clear what this freed up space will be used for in the future.

"We are still investigating what we will do with the released bandwidth. But it is an extension of the fact that this has to do with increasing the internet speed."