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"The Treasury has had me in their sights since day one.

They've always been trying to screw me, man

. I've done well. I've done everything legal. Still, because I'm

the only fool who has stayed in Spain, they screw me

to me, you know. "

The author of this bitter confession is

Ruben Doblas, El Rubius


He is the

best known


in Spain.

A pioneer in this form of entertainment and one of the greats of that world who still lives in Spain.

Although for a short time.

The march of El Rubius to Andorra has caused a great stir among public opinion.

However, six months before making his intentions known, he already lashed out hard at the Treasury in one of his live shows.

An atypical video recovered

by PIXEL in which he sincerely lashes out at the


and threatens the Treasury: "

It touches my balls. If you're going to be like this with me, then maybe I'm going, you know?


Half a year later, the words of

El Rubius

take on a

new meaning


The issue of money touches morals.

Repeats, hesitates.


He cuts the subject short and comes back to the load several times: he wants to make his message clear and how

he feels mistreated by the Treasury


Everything made us think that it would be one more live show in which the young man comments on curious videos and answers questions from his audience while in the background.

As a game,

El Rubius asks: "How much money do you

think I have, kids?"

The youtuber reads several responses that come to him live and laughs until his face changes and gets serious: "Some of you are freaking out. You have to think that I don't live in Andorra, kids. I have to pay


and believe me I pay Like a lot, man. And every time it comes to me, it hurts.

My heart hurts

. But hey, that's what it is. But ... "

At this moment

El Rubius

is silent and puts a tutorial on how to make homemade toys for cats while taking several hits from a vape.

Save time talking about your cat until you choose one of the questions that come up:

"Why did you decide not to go to Andorra?"

"It's not for anything special. I've always thought, I don't know, that

I have money to live well

and that I don't really need more either. Also the issue that I have my family and friends here and such. Even if I don't see them a lot, the simple fact of having them around relaxes me, calms me down.

This is not something that I have said many times, but the

Treasury has had me in their sights since day one


They've always been trying to screw me, man.

I have done well.

I've made it all legal.

Even so,

for being the only fool who has stayed in Spain, they bitch me

, you know? "

A message in which




again below:

"This, in plan, I'm not making it up or anything. I have never told it, it has never come out either, but they've been behind me and treating me like a criminal since day one, when I'm the only fool, so to speak, that He has stayed here paying taxes. And I don't know, that sometimes because it touches my balls. Well, look,

if you're going to be like this with me, then maybe I'll go away

, you know. Send eggs that I stay, fuck me, and try go get me. "

Afterwards, the


philosophizes about his future.

He is aware of his comfortable economic situation, expresses uncertainties about what tomorrow will bring him and confesses that making videos has become a kind of

vital mission


"It fills me to entertain people, it's like having a goal and fulfilling it."

At the same time, the


acknowledges having entered a spiral of emptiness in relation to money: "It's difficult. Before I got to this I thought that when I have to buy a house I will live happily for the rest of my life, but you give yourself Note that when you get to that point - and you can read what happens to everyone who makes a lot of money -

you realize that money does not fill you, it never fills you


However, while finishing the reflection, another question comes in live and

El Rubius returns to the load


- "But

doesn't it really fuck you alive that they take away 45% of what you earn monthly

, plus the VAT you already pay, plus what they take away the value of your assets, plus what they are going to take away from you for your values? in a bag?"

In his response, the


hesitates, repeats words, he is uncomfortable talking about his relationship with the treasury.

However, enter the rag again.

- "Sure.

Yes, of course I do, uncle

. If maybe one day I'll go to recover what I lost. Not now. Maybe I will ... I'm not telling you not to do it ... and if puteándome continue like this

... I would

love to talk to someone and tell hacienda hey, why me I'm here paying? in plan, I think fucking pay. that's why I've been. I have not gone.

I It seems like fucking help but why do you try to screw me all the time?

If I'm doing everything right. I'm doing everything following the laws that you have set yourself. Why do you treat me like a criminal? Why are you persecuting me? plan, they've been

like this for years, man

. And you feel helpless ... "

The young man tries to escape the victimizing speech but is bitter about the situation.

"I don't want to be embarrassed. I am in a privileged position."

He knows he is lucky but he has an impact on the persecution that he claims to suffer at the hands of the treasury: "It sucks to be one of the few people who stay, paying your taxes and being treated that way:

like a criminal

. But hey, that's just that. . Someday I may even finish up my cock and get off. Not now. "

In addition,

El Rubius

stated during the live show that he would like to be able to have a direct dialogue with the Spanish treasury.

"I would love to be able to talk to someone and say,

hey, why don't we come to an agreement?


The broadcast of

El Rubius

continues while he puts a video in which someone makes a plasticine Pikachu and returns to the load with a joking and visibly more relaxed tone: "Every time you step on a road in Spain think:

this has been paid by Rubius and Alex El Capo,

"he laughs.

Seconds later, he continues with the humorous tone and returns to the charge.


Imagine, that the Government of Spain makes a hospital called the Ruben Doblas Hospital

[the real name of the YouTuber, formerly known as


, all together]. For the children! If they do that ... nothing happens, they I'm sorry. I'm staying here. "

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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