There was a report that the appendix was about to burst during COVID-19 self-isolation.

Before the quarantine was lifted, severe abdominal pain began and appealed to the official in charge, but he had to wait for several hours to answer'I don't know'.

Reporter Ha Jeong-yeon covered the report.


Mr. Sun-joo, who lives in Yangju, Gyeonggi-do, is still sad when he thinks about the night before.

[Seonju Choi/Reporter: (husband) Can't walk.

Sit down on the ground and keep vomiting…


I thought it was appendicitis, but I couldn't take it to the hospital right away.

This is because the husband was classified as a close contact with the corona19 confirmed person and was in self-isolation.

After putting up with the pain all night, I contacted the official in charge in the morning and said that I should go to the hospital.

There were four hours left until quarantine was lifted.

[Seonju Choi/Reporter: A public official told me to call the public health center because he did not know well...


I received the final negative judgment the day before, but the public health center also returned a harsh answer.

[Informer-Health Center employee call: (Isolation release) Time has to pass. I think you should ask the manager in charge (the official in charge). It's an ambiguous situation now.] In the

end, the couple waited until the quarantine was lifted, and when they went to the hospital afterwards, it was diagnosed that the appendix had already broken, and they underwent emergency surgery.

[Jong-pil Hwang/Speaker husband: You can just say that you passed out. No one is in charge, but who are you calling... .]

Was the response of the official in charge or the health center staff appropriate?

According to the guidelines of the Central Defense Response Headquarters, if a self-isolator is judged to be in a critical condition, a person in charge wearing protective gear is required to move it to a hospital.

The official said he was not familiar with the instructions.

[Responsible public official: I haven't heard about whether it should be inexperienced at work, so I asked you to speak to the call center


(Video coverage: Lee Chan-soo, video editing: So Ji-hye)