Today (19th), the number of new confirmed cases is expected to be in the late 300 level.

Although the number of confirmed cases is decreasing, it is still too early to be relieved, as a mutant virus from Brazil has been confirmed for the first time in Korea.

The quarantine authorities are also in a position that it is difficult to lift the restrictions on business operations after 9 pm for the time being. 

This is Won Jong-jin.


Of the 389 new confirmed cases, 366 cases occurred in Korea.

Although it is a holiday, the number of diagnostic tests is half of that of weekdays, but the average number of domestic cases per day for the past week has fallen below 500.

Compared to three weeks ago, when the tertiary epidemic peaked, it was reduced by half.

Today, as many as 300 confirmed cases are expected to occur.

However, the number of cases where the route of infection is unknown is not decreasing to 22%.

Infections related to religious facilities and nursing hospitals have also continued.

In the case of the Sangju BTJ World Center, the number of related confirmed cases increased to 768.

[Jung Eun-kyung/Director of Disease Control: BTJ, 309 people who have not yet been tested after visiting the World Center, and visitors to the prayer center located in Jinju, I request that you receive the test as soon as possible.]

The influx of foreign mutant viruses with high transmission power is also a variable.

Following the UK and South Africa, a mutant virus from Brazil has also been confirmed for the first time in Korea.

A mutant virus was detected in a confirmed person who departed from Brazil, passed through Germany, and entered Incheon Airport on the 10th.

The quarantine authorities said they are analyzing the degree of infectivity of the Brazilian mutant, but explained that the patient was immediately quarantined at the airport and the possibility of transmission to the community was small.

Authorities say it is necessary to maintain restrictions on operations after 9 p.m. until the end of this month, unless the number of confirmed cases drops sharply.