• FAVORITE Review of 'The girls', by Pilar Palomero

The 35th edition of the

Goya Awards

will take place on

March 6


It will be at the Soho CaixaBank Theater in Málaga, with Antonio Banderas and María Casado as directors and presenters.

Which film will triumph at the Goya Awards?

There is time to find out, but we review the

feature films that have the best chance

of succeeding that night.


After having won the Forqué Award for Best Film and the Golden Biznaga at the Malaga Festival,

Pilar Palomero's film starts as one of the great favorites

to win the Goya in the same category.

This drama is set in 1992, in a school of nuns.

There, a

group of 11-year-old girls discover the world

(or, in other words, enter adulthood) in their free time while receiving teachings anchored in the past by the religious.


shock that causes disappointments, surprises and adventures

in teenagers who, in most cases, feel disoriented.

'Sentimental', by Cesc Gay.


Cesc Gay repeats in this comedy with Javier Cámara, with whom he had already worked in



A pistol in each hand






, Cámara joins Belén Cuesta, Alberto San Juan and Griselda Siciliani in a story that revolves around

two couples who live in the same building.

One of them (played by Cámara and the Argentine Siciliani) invites the other (Cuesta and San Juan) to her home to tell them with the greatest care in the world to

stop screaming every time they make love.

The matter, as you would expect in a dramatic comedy, gets out of hand and gives rise to some

poignant, funny and, in some moments, very hard dialogues

when they touch on the subject of heartbreak.


In 1992

, when everyone looked at our country and saw that it was capable of launching an Olympic Games in Barcelona and a Universal Exhibition in Seville, Spain was not going well.

Despite the official image, enthusiastic, optimistic and euphoric, there were people who suffered.

Luis López Carrasco directs, produces and writes

(together with Raúl Liarte) a

200-minute documentary in

which anonymous characters parade.

López Carrasco's camera remembers the incidents that turned

Cartagena into the epicenter of disenchantment over the closure of factories


Its good reception in numerous festivals (Rotterdam, Mar del Plata) place it directly as a favorite in the Best Documentary category.

'The year of discovery', by Luis López Carrasco.

Sorry stories


new comedy by Javier Fesser,

the director of


did not be released in theaters.

He did it on Amazon Prime Video.

On the streaming platform, the director of

El milagro de P. Tinto




La gran aventura de Mortadelo y Filemón

has triumphed with

four stories in which black humor, surprising twists and a very cañí touch prevail.

The characters that appear (and are played by great secondary actors of Spanish movies and series) suffer greatly in 'regrettable stories' such as those of a fan of the photos who wants to go to the beach, a tribute that goes wrong, a hateful woman along with a friendly gardener and an unscrupulous businessman.


Blanca Suárez and Javier Rey

, two stars of current Spanish cinema and series, star in a romantic melodrama set in Jerez.

It is the 50s and, between wineries and vineyards, love arises between Lucía (Suárez) and Gonzalo (Rey).

Something that would not be an anecdote if it weren't for Lucía is about to marry Hernán (

Pablo Molinero

), who has commissioned his friend

Gonzalo to design and build a winery

to build his future empire.


great photograph, a successful reconstruction of the Jerez city

from the middle of the last century and the inclusion of another plot set in the present are the great successes of this production.


Sometimes a trip can change your life.

This is what happens in this feature film to the character played by

Raúl Arévalo


It is the

1950s and Spain did not enjoy the freedoms

that existed in the rest of Europe.

Hence, Miguel (Arévalo) and Antonio (

Juan Diego Botto

) live in Ibiza a very different summer than they would have in their Madrid, with love affairs, beaches and parties.

And a French girl named Odette (Stéphane Caillard).

Directed by Víctor García León

(Go away from me

), which adapts a novel written by Rafael Azcona


At the end of 2020,

Isabel Coixet


Nieva in Benidorm

, a film in which the Catalan filmmaker describes the encounter between two lonely souls.

They are those of Peter Riordan (

Timothy Spall

) and Alex (

Sarita Choudhury

), a man and a woman of different origins, personalities and characters that coincide in the Alicante town, famous for its beaches, its skyscrapers and its hectic nightlife.

All this remains as a backdrop in a plot in which

an atypical love story


intertwined with a thriller full of mysterious characters

in which Carmen Machi, Pedro Casablanc and Ana Torrent take part as luxurious secondary characters.

'Nieva en Benidorm', by Isabel Coixet.


The protagonist of this

hard and emotional melodrama directed by Salvador Calvo

is Adú, he is a six-year-old boy who lives with his mother and sister in Cameroon.

One day, after

witnessing a robbery by illegal hunters

, Adú's life turns upside down and he

is forced to emigrate to Europe


In parallel, the story is told of a father and his daughter (Luis Tosar and Anna Castillo) who live together for a few weeks in different countries in Africa;

and another one, with Álvaro Cervantes as a young civil guard who works in Melilla.


It is difficult to find a viewer or critic who does not praise the

work of Kiti Mánver in this dramatic comedy


Sara (Acosta) is a woman who decides, at 40, to buy a house.

What he did not count on in that purchase of an apartment in Seville is that, at the time of signing the contract, a clause would include that

its owner (Mánver) can live there until she dies


An emotional story that adapts a successful play about two women who share confidences, laugh, cry and discover that

life can give you second chances.

'Rosa's wedding', by Icíar Bollaín.


Candela Peña

, one of the

actresses that has had the most presence

last year in cinema (

Salir del closetro


Black Beach


Rosa's wedding

) and television (



and its priceless appearances in

La Resistencia),

could take her fourth Goya with a comedy with touches of drama directed by Icíar Bollaín.

Her unique story reflects

Rosa's (Peña) determination to be free

and not adjust to what others think.

An adventure that will result in a different wedding.

To highlight the good role as secondary of

Nathalie Poza and Sergi López.

Patricia López Arnaiz in 'Ane'.


Patricia López Arnáiz

, an actress seen in films such as

While the War lasts


Legacy in the Bones

and series such as

The Other Look


The Plague

, caused a sensation with this drama

shot in Basque

at the San Sebastián Film Festival and with which the interpreter has just won the Forqué Award for Best Actress.

Her character here is that of Lide, a

mother who believes that her daughter has run away from home

because of her after a heated argument.

Although, after hours, this strong-willed woman who works on the high-speed train works discovers that she did not know her daughter, now a teenager, well.

For years, Lide has ignored that

Ane has hung out with activists and has a parallel life

that borders on illegality.

And all, in a scene as turbulent as Vitoria in 2009, with young proetarras starring in street riots.

Directed by David Pérez Sañudo from Bilbao.


Girls awaiting trial for witchcraft.

Basque Country, 17th century.

These are the keys to a drama in which

Amaia Aberasturi and Àlex Brendemühl participate,

which stands out for its dark tone and dramatic intensity.

Directed by Pablo Agüero, who received

excellent reviews

for a film that could be seen at the San Sebastian Festival.

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