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vaccine was released like this, in order to clear the anxiety, we need a cure that works well for Corona.

Corona 19 treatments are expected to appear in Korea and other parts of the world this year, and how far this has progressed, medical reporter Cho Dong-chan will deliver.

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is a report from the National Institutes of Health, which is tracking attention-grabbing COVID-19 treatments based on the latest research papers from each country.

There are 15 domestic treatments currently in clinical trials, and some of them are evaluated.

Plasma treatments for cured patients and antibody treatments are currently undergoing clinical trials in Korea, but have been urgently approved in the United States.

U.S. health authorities say that there is not enough evidence for the effectiveness of cured plasma therapy, and that antibody therapy cannot be administered to patients hospitalized for mild patients.

Additional clinical trials are required for domestic antibody treatment approval.

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Bureau: It was an opinion that it is difficult to draw a definite conclusion at this time.] In

the case of ivermectin, which is currently being tested as a corona treatment by a domestic pharmaceutical company, although it is commercially available as an anthelmintic, the US health authorities conducted a clinical trial for Corona 19 It is advised not to take it except for those who are receiving it.

To expect the effect of corona treatment, you need to eat up to ten times the recommended dose of anthelmintic repellent, because there is a high risk of side effects.

In recent years, the antiviral drug taken by multinational pharmaceutical companies is the most noticeable thing in the academic world. Unlike remdesivir, which is an injection drug, it is a drug that is taken 2 tablets a day for 5 days, so if successful, it is expected to be easily administered to many patients.

In order to make an accurate decision whether or not to use a new drug as a treatment for COVID-19, information about the drug must be transparently disclosed.

(Video coverage: Choi Woong Choi, video editing: Hongmyeong Lee)