Tech giant Facebook is still planning to adhere to a new, controversial law in Turkey.

The tech giant reports this in a press release.

“We have, like other companies, decided to select a representative in order to follow the law,” read the press release.

"At the same time, we emphasize that it is important as a platform to remain a place where users can freely share their opinions."

Turkey amended its legislation targeting tech companies in the summer of 2020.

These companies are therefore obliged to appoint a representative in the country.

The law also allows the country to restrict internet traffic if a company breaks the rules.

Critics fear that representatives of companies will be put under pressure to censor social media, for example.

'Facebook opposed the law'

According to insiders, Facebook opposed the law last year and the company had stated that it would not comply with it.

More than half of all Turkish residents use the social network.

Now it appears that the platform still chooses to follow the rules.

"The decision does not change our community conditions", Facebook promises.

"We will withdraw our representative if we are pressured."

Turkey has blocked social media several times in the past.