Let's talk a little more with reporter Son Hyung-an from the legal team.

Q. What is the change in imprisonment process? 

[Reporter Son Hyung-an: First of all, Lee Jae-yong, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, was immediately arrested in court after the sentence.

It was transferred to the Seoul detention center in a convoy.

The usual procedure is that when new prisoners arrive, when they arrive at the detention center, they check their identity, receive basic medical checkups, receive the necessities necessary for life in the detention center, and allocate the camp, but now the situation has changed a little due to corona prevention.

Immediately after arrival, Vice Chairman Lee will undergo a corona 19 diagnostic test first.

Even if you hear a negative here, you will be quarantined in a living room for the next 4 weeks and will be closely monitored for signs of suspected coronavirus.

After that, the usual prison life begins.


Q. Is the'collective' practice broken?

[Reporter Son Hyung-an: Such an evaluation is coming out.

The same is true of the late Chairman Lee Kun-hee, who died a while ago.

There were a lot of criticisms such as being extremely generous about various investigations and trials against the Samsung owner family.

In retrospect, the suspicion of the low-cost issuance of Everland convertible bonds, which can be seen as the starting point of the suspicion of a full-fledged succession of management rights.

Again, the final trial result was a sentence of probation.

From that point of view, looking back on today's trial, today's sentence could change a lot not only in the Samsung family, but also in our ruling practices, which were generous to chaebol families.

I think we can make this evaluation.]

Q. What are the remaining trials? 

[Reporter Son Hyung-an: Yes.

Today's bribery case can be reappealed procedurally, but it must be said that it is virtually over.

Samsung Biologics' fraudulent accounting suspicion related to the illegal succession of management rights is currently being held in the Seoul Central District Court.

Vice-Chairman Lee has to appear several times because he is a defendant in this trial even while in prison.

In addition, Vice Chairman Lee is currently being investigated by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office for allegations of illegal routine administration of Propofol.

Since the investigation is ongoing, it seems that several summons investigations will be inevitable even with this case.


(Video coverage: Seo Jin-ho, Video editing: Kim Jong-tae)